Strategic Awareness Cell

SAC creates an awareness in your digital environment where we detect the threats and act to counteract the intrusions before they occur and reduce the damage once the intrusion is a fact.

SAC is a staffed service with Nordic staff where you subscribe to a trained high-performance Cyber Team with many years of experience. You get a Cyber Team with routines, daily trained and educated operators, external surveillance.

The Future of MDR

Global Managed Detection and Response Market (Frost)

Organizations will increasingly make use of MDR services, relying on the service providers’ vast knowledge, expertise, and monitoring capabilities. Due to this, they will be able to allocate their resources to other, more strategic tasks. The new generation of solutions and services promises to deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence, automating decision making to improve the overall performance of the security stack. In the next five years security services and solutions that provide a combination of human teams and automation will thrive in the market.

SAC architecture

A managed detection and response (MDR) solution built by attackers for defenders

Effective Attack Detection & Response

SAC dedicated attack Detection and Response team deals with potential cyber threats to your organization in minutes. SAC acts as an extension to your cyber security team, sharing our threat hunting expertise, helping your team learn and grow and supporting continuous improvement of your security posture.

Peacetime Value

SAC provides cyber security insights that support continuous security posture improvement. We help you improve your security posture and meet your compliance obligations.

eCiceron SAC and common D&R solutions compared

The service’s utmost goal is True Partnership to act as an extension of the client’s security team.

Even when there are no alerts to report WithSecure aims to deliver peacetime value via telemetry driven insights to increase security posture and improve the customers’ readiness.

WithSecure’s SAC works in Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems. This makes it more broadly appealing and gives it a reach advantage over other competitors. Based in Stockholm and Helsinki, Finland, with mostly European customer base.

Common D&R solutions eCiceron SAC
Time to value: Months Days
Logs consumed per month: Billions Millions
Alerts per month: 100,000s 1000s of relevant alerts
Alerts investigated by experts: 0 - 10% 100%
Investigation time: <1 minute As long as necessary
Solution efficacy: * <50% >95%
Responder profile: Analyst Threat hunter

% of actions that produce a desired result

SAC solutions

Install MDR Platform

24/7 Detection and Response Team

Incident Response meeting

Install MDR Platform

Supported systems:
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Protection against threat vectors:
Malware, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero Day Exploits, Phishing Attempts, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Brand and Domain Infringement.

(Per client/month)

24/7 Detection and Response Team

Detect breaches quickly:
Detect targeted attacks quickly thanks to immediate alerts with minimal false positives.

Protection against threat vectors:
Built-in automation and intelligence that support a swift response to the real advanced threats and targeted attacks. SLA 1 hour.

(Per client/month)

(08.00-17.00). Contact us for a quotation on extended responses.

Incident Response Meeting

Bi-annually meeting
Bi-annual meeting to discuss eventual alerts that occurred and to update the Incident Response Plan.

Threat Intelligence report
Summery of actual Global and local attacks from the SAC Threat intelligence team

(Per client/month):

Included. Contact us for a quotation on extended services.

SAC: Organization Chart