Looking for a better way to address threat management, compliance and GDPR? Someone to call
24/7 when you get that creepy feeling that things are not as they should be? We audit your
information security and have a solution tailored for your organisation, services to protect
and monitor your cloud and on-premises environments.

eCiceron use unique software, developed in-house, and in co-operation with market leading vendors
where we have a close development relationship -
this we combine with our years of knowledge and experience.

Enterprise Managed Security

An organization’s security depends on their ability to detect emerging threats in cloud and on-premises environments and to respond to them quickly.
We review your network and you decide how to proceed.

Penetration test

We perform authorized simulated
attack on your digital systems, this way we
mitigate vulnerabilities before an attacker finds them.

Emergency Service Center

We've got your back and you can relax, speed your incident response with realtime monitoring from our staffed 24/7 Emergency Service Center also know as SOC (Security Operation Center). Together we design what level of service you need to have a good night sleep.


We offer open source intelligence from different corners of the internet. No interceptions, only public available information. Is your data available on the black market? What is the price for your addressbook?

Network Security

Network design and monitoring to meet all your needs. Everything from small business network to complex industry networks and government networks.

The 2017 State of Endpoint Security
Risk Report from Barkly

Evaluating the largest threats and true cost of attacks.


Help you detect, mitigate and recover

There have always been security gaps in
digital network. But with today’s exponential growth
of digitalization even small threats can make big impact with devastating outcome.

Your first step...

Contact our sales staff - sales (at)

The snap-in, out-of-the-box - first step towards a secure and managed network, is our pre-packed and configured sensor which is deployed within
your network and instantly starts making sure everything is monitored.

Installation is rapid* and you will get notified as soon as something happens, unwanted traffic is detected and much more -
and your IT-team can start investigate immediately - or eCiceron.

The choice is yours!

For a fixed price you get the awarness if something is not as it should - and eCiceron is just a phone call away for assistance.
In case of an attack we act accordingly the IRP - Incident Response Plan. The emergency plan that we together
have designed, how to react and respond.

This way we protect your business in an optimal way with efficient threat response.

From this platform we grow together - with more and advanced sensors, with 24/7 staffed operators who answer to your networks alarms -
Just as the 911 operators do. Someone who has the competence to read the situation and the skills to take the right choice.

With very small steps much can be achieved - to an affordable price.

* Network must fulfill our minimum requirements

Looking for more information?

Enterprise Managed Security

Read about cyber security, how you can save costs and improve your resistance against the growing cyber threat landscape.


Short introduction to GDPR and checklist, nine steps with questions.

Partner program

We believe in co-operation. By combining expertise from existing companies
we create services of great value to our customers.

For partnership enquiries, please contact our partner manager for a initial dialogue -
partner (at)

Company Security Team

Our Emergency Service Center is staffed with cyber security experts, data analysts
and managed by eCicerons core team with years of experience. We focus on what we do
best and in our partner program we have a big network of engineers, compliance
experts and IT-specialists here to help you get the best service.

Partners and Software Vendors


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